Told by the grandson of the head of the family, this is the gripping odyssey of the other Frank family: from the deceptively good life of Berlin in the 1920s, through the rise of Hitler and their flight to apparently safe Holland, the nightmarish ordeal of their thousand day long 'submersion' in a small apartment in The Hague, to the joy and pain of liberation and their final journey to America, the same route Anne Frank might have taken had she not been betrayed. Based on personal testaments, records and family interviews, the book describes their life behind closed curtains in constant fear of discovery. In 1945, after many adventures and appalling vicissitudes, they finally emerged to face the uncertainties of postwar Holland and the promise of the New World. Both a history and a memoir, this extensively researched book gives the first account of the war in Holland, the occupation and the resistance (including the Jewish resistance) to be published for several years. Despite that resistance, and the help of the 'good' Dutch who succoured both Frank families and other divers, most of Dutch Jewry was destroyed. Through the story of one family, this book sheds new light on the tragedy within a tragedy that was the Dutch Holocaust.

From the Publisher
The inspiring story of a German-Jewish family named Frank which, like Anne Frank's family and 25,000 other Dutch and other 'stateless' Jews, 'dived under' in Nazi-occupied Holland in 1942 - but miraculously survived.

Release Date: 26 August, 2004
Manufacturer: Hutchinson
Author: Gordon Sander

Inmiddels ook in Nederlandse vertaling verkrijgbaar: De familie Frank die de oorlog overleefde, Prometheus 2006.