2016 May

After the Wanderlodge got its annual approval (April '16 - April '17), nothing stood in the way for a maiden trip. And which destination would be better than the Bodenheim meeting, where we drive this time of year for over a decade?

But first the maypole had to be planted. This year it was our turn to host this neighbourhood event. The men took care of the tree, the women of the decoration. Being Dutch we chose red-white-blue as colours.

The next morning the sun showed the colourful result.

On our way to Bodenheim we planned a visit to DGS in Mainz-Hechtsheim to have the Wanderlodge's gear box adjusted. On our way there we slept at Lüdenscheid.

Although you can do many repairs yourself, the automatic gear box requires a lot of knowledge, experience and special tools. We came to the right place.

Close to the workshop is an authentic Vietnamese food stall. Sylvia had her favourite phö.

From Hechtsheim to Bodenheim is just a stone's throw.

Pending the availability of an in-motion automatic satellite dish (announced in September 2015), we carried a small manual dish. 

Aiming it at the satellite of choice only took a minute. And the image was above expectations. So we could share the experience of the National Commemoration in Amsterdam of the victims of the Second World War.

The next day we decide to have a closer look at the Jewish cemetery, which is only five minutes walking from the RV meeting site. Mr. Kasper, the ex-mayor, explains some additional historical facts.

We photographed all 41 headstones. Later we'll make a separate web page of these pictures.

Overview of the main field. On the right you can see us firing up the barbecue.

Although we're in the middle of the wine region Rheinhessen, tonight we drink Mosel wine from our personal stock.

The opposite corner of the same field.

And some more participants who are parked across the track.

This RV in the making, owned (and designed) by Wolfgang, the organiser of the meeting since 15 years, combines a very high strength and an unusually low weight. It will be finished in the coming months.







Like several years before, this year, too, we enjoyed a nice meal with a group of nice people in one of the nice wine bars-cum-restaurant of Bodenheim.

A covered wagon tour between the vineyards takes 14 participants, including Sylvia. Wolfgang brings two more glasses. You never know....

The weather is co-operating enormously. On the way the local product is tested.

Lunch is consumed with a stunning view of the Rhine.

And again the weather permits eating outside. We really are lucky!

The way back we also drive in two days. The night we spend in Wetter on the River Ruhr.

Glimpse of the river from the RV site.

The next day, around noon, we're home again. We've had a good trip and a pleasant stay.
And the corrections to the gearbox make all the difference.